Beta Psi Chapter House

Built in 1996 for the Atlanta Olympics, the Sigma Chi house was designed by brother Peter Hand. The house stands tall at one of the best locations on campus. Whether it is listening to music in a rocking chair, throwing the football in the front yard, or grilling out on the side porch, one could almost always find a Sigma Chi outside enjoying the day. 

As for the inside, the house has three floors and a basement. One half of the basement underwent a renovation in 2015 and now has a study room that can easily hold twenty brothers, as well as a lounge room that has couches and an 80 inch projector screen for presentations or watching TV. The other half of the basement is complete with a workout area and storage space. The main floor has one large, open room that is perfect for anything from family-style dinners to parties.  In the back wing of the first floor, we have a full kitchen that our chef, Dieter Quinn, uses to operate his catering business. Being the only Chef on campus that owns his own business, we get some on the best meals on campus. The main floor also includes a room with a big screen television and couches as well as a room dedicated to our alumni and our chapter history.

The brothers live on the second and third floors of the house. Each room is equipped with lofts that underwent a renovation by our House Corporation in the Spring of 2013. The lofted beds leave plenty of space below for the brothers to customize. Each semester the house will hold fifty-two brothers.

Living in Sigma Chi is one of the most enjoyable perks to being a brother. Boasting some of the nicest and cheapest living spaces on campus, the Sigma Chi house also gives you the opportunity to live with fifty of your closest friends, building bonds that will last a lifetime.